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MindFluctuations (current work)
Collision Course – a.k.a. PIllow Talk
Utah * Spirit Place * Spirit Planet * Tukuhnikivatz
Involuntary Encounters
Pitfalls: Nose to Cement and Other Tales Told on the Way Down
Stone Ring

Giselle Ruzany was born in New York City and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, from the age 3 to 23, before returning to the US.  She has been immersed in art and culture from a young age while visiting family in Europe.  Art and Dance has been part of her life receiving performance and choreographic awards at an early age of 12 as well as terra-cotta sculpture prizes by age 18.  She has been dancing professionally since 1987 and teaching dance from an authentic model, on and off, since 1990.  In her journey, she is grateful to have found Maida Withers which has been a force and guide in Giselle’s artistic life since 1995; with Maida Wither’s Dance Construction Company, Giselle has performed in Paris, New York, Seattle and all over DC.  Giselle is presently an adjunct professor for Anatomy and Kinesiology, Movement Awareness and Dance Master Class Survey.  She is also a licensed professional counselor with a private practice in Woodley Park where she works from an embodied base, treating trauma, depression, anxiety and other psychological and somatic symptoms, for more information you can check  Giselle is a GWU alumni and a MA graduate from Naropa University with a post graduate degree in Gestalt Therapy and a certificate in EMDR.  More recently she has been asked to write an article for a book publication, combining her two passions of psychology and dance.  She has two sons of ages 5 and 10 and a supporting husband that allows dance to keep evolving in her life. Giselle also would like to thank GWU students for their inspiration, curiosity and presence for today’s event.