Dance In – Art Museum of the Americas and OAS

Original Performance on December 1, 1995

2001 – Dance In – an evening-length site performance at the Art Museum of the Americas and site work in the Garden of the Organization of American States in Washington, DC with 30 Washington, DC dance and music artists that took place in conjunction with  the  “Artistic Imaginings in Clay” exhibition, December 1, 2001. Dance Artists: Daniel Burkholder, Sharon Mansur, Cyrus Khambatta, Heidi Rauch, Maida Withers, GW Dancers (USA). Musicians: Jim Levy, Ben Takis, Peter Fraize (USA).

Dance In was part of the DC 7th International Improvisation Plus Festival that involved over 5 distinct performance events.

us+ Festival – an International multidisciplinary annual festival in Washington, DC that was co-curated by Washington, DC artists – dancers and musicians. The festival brought together groups and individual dance artists, performance artists, and musicians locally and internationally to perform and teach workshops related to the art of improvisation.  The Festival was founded by Maida Withers in 1995 as an annual festival featuring dance, performance art, music, and theater improvisation with local and international artists. Embassies located in DC were instrumental, annually, in providing support for international artists to participate in the annual festivals.

Heidi Rauch was important in making this performance possible at the Art Museum of the Americas and the OAS Garden.

DC 7th Int’l Improvisation Plus+ Festival

Dance_IN compiled photo