International Tours and Projects

Cambridge, UK (June 26-28, 2019)
Maida Withers presented MindFluctuations, a performance/talk, for the artificial intelligence joint conference, Tacit Engagement in the Digital Age,  by the ‘Re-‘Interdisciplinary Network CRASSH (Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities) and the Centre for Music & Science (Faculty of Music) and AI & Society at the University of Cambridge, UK, June 26-28, 2019.  To view the presentation  images, please visit

Sao Paulo, Brazil, April 5 – 7, 2019
12th Visoens Urbanas presented
 RedWhiteBlueBlack&Orange: The Dance of Resistance by dance artists Maida Withers, Erica Rebollar, Washington, DC, and Anton Ovchinnikov, Kiev, Ukraine, performed a 35 minute version of the Dance of Resistance to a new music recording by Steve HIlmy.   The performance of movement and text is constructed around 11 scripts that were adapted to the social/political climate currently in Brazil.  The April 5 performance @ 6:00 pm was located on the Vale do Anhangabau, an open urban/green landscape in the center of Sao Paulo with a setting of a plaza, stairs, historic statues in front of the Opera House.  The April 7th performance @11:00 am was on the public path in front of the Casa das Rosas, a beautiful historic house with beautiful gardens, a museum and cultural center. During the final performance, the dancers became drenched with a gentle rain as the audience was on the protected verandas of the Casa das Rosas.  The 12th urban visions had the support of the state government of culture and the secretary of culture and creative economy. And with SESC sp’s artnership. Directors: Mirtes Caleiros and Ederson, Lopes.  MWDCCo has performed in Visoens Urbanas on three previous occasions. and

Kiev, Ukraine (June 19-July 6, 2018)
60 MOVES with FUTURE GAZE. Maida Withers and Anton Ovchinnikov co-created a 55-minute site-specific performance featuring 17 Ukrainian contemporary dancers and live electronic music composed and performed by Steve Hilmy, USA,  in honor of the 60th ANNIVERSARY GALA CELEBRATION of The historic National Exhibition (Expo) Center, Kiev, Ukraine – Friday, July 6, 2018. “60 MOVES with FUTURE GAZE, a dance production of Black O!Range, Kiev,” was created during a 15-day residency in the studio of the Les Kurbas Centre and on the territory of the Expo Center.

Yekaterinburg, Russia (August 26-28, 2016)
Small-format Contemporary Dance Festival curated by Ekaterina Zharinova, Director.
Maida Withers performs ICEBERGS: Fault Line;  original music by Steve Hilmy; poetry by David McAleavey and Alex Caldiero.
▪  Yekaterinburg History Museum

São Paulo, Brazil (February 2014)
Research and creative residency:  Institute of Mathematics and Art  for the art and technology evening-length work, MindFluctuations.   Residency of Maida Withers, choreographer, with Tania Fraga, computer artist (authors of the concept of MindFluctuations); Donizetti Louro, mathematician, President of IMA;  Mario Pichiliani, software engineer, Pedro Garcia, Java programmer – associates of the Institute of Mathematics and Art of São Paulo, Brazil.

Manchester, United Kingdom (February 2013)
Process/Product Symposia, AXIS Gallery, An International Festival and Conference on Improvised Dance; Metropolitan Manchester University
▪   Exhibition/Installation of MWDCCo dances and films “Creating Dance THEN and NOW;” video  showing and lecture (Feb 25- March 1)
▪   Telepresence, “Process/Product” global exchange with online interaction through dance improvisation with Maida Withers and Wendell Cooper (Manchester Metropolitan
University and Hunter College, NYC, NY) (Feb 29)

Kirkenes, Norway (February 8 & 9, 2013)
Barents Spektakel Festival,
Perform: This Space Occupied (by Maida), U.S. Embassy Co-sponsor; Kirkenes, Norway

Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (March 2013)
VISÕES URBANAS International Street Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
▪   Perform at the Museum of Image and Sound: This Space Occupied (by Maida) (March 23)
▪   Perform at Parque Mario Covas, Pateo do Colegio: Collision Course – a.k.a. Pillow Talk
(March 24)
Teatro Cacilda Becker, Sponsored by the City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
▪   Perform: Collision Course – a.k.a. Pillow Talk (March 28 and 29)

New Delhi and State of Uttrakhand, India (February 2012)
India International Center (IIC), New Delhi, India
▪   Perform: FareWell – To the End of the World As We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to
 and Thresholds Crossed Part II (Gulag/Abu Ghraib) sponsored by IIC and U.S.
Embassy (February 21)
DanzLenz / Kri Foundation, New Delhi, India
▪    Present: DANCE:FILMS for DanzLenz Series, Habitat Center,(February 22)
CeC 2012, 7th Annual Carnival of e-Creativity Sattal Estate in the foothills of the
Himalayan Indian state of Uttarakhand sponsored by Academy of Electronic Arts
(February 24, 25, 26)
▪    Perform: FareWell – To the End of the World As We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to Paradise!

Sao Paulo, Brazil (April 2011)
▪   Perform Thresholds Crossed Duet (Gulag/Art Angar); Museo (April 28 and 29)
Date: 28/04/2011 at 19h; Location: Conjunto Nacional – Paulista Avenue, 2073D
Date: 29/04/2011at 18:30; Local: Casa das Rosas / Rose’s House – Paulista Ave, 37

Zagreb, Croatia (October 2010)
Zagrebi! Festival
▪   Perform: FareWell -To The End of the World As We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to Paradise! (October 9 and 10) and

Nairobi, Kenya, Aftica – U.S. Department of State Cultural Envoys (May/June 2008)
GoDown Center for the Arts
▪   Create Fare Well – Parched Earth; Remembrances from Tomorrow, 6 men and 3 Kenyan dancers
▪   Perform: Fare Well: Tipping PointThresholds Crossed (Gulag/Art Angar); US. This residency occurred 3 weeks after the Kenya 2008 insurrection (June 3) and

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (April 2008)
LIMS Celebration Conference, Choreographic Centre, Regina Miranda, Executive Director of LIMS, NYC, NY
▪   Perform: Fare Well: Tipping Point (April 26) and

Arkhangelsk, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Russia – US Embassy Tour (April 2007)
Perform: Thresholds Crossed
▪   U.S. Consulate Celebrate America Week; Arkhangelsk, Russia (April 16)
▪   Luna Theatre; Thresholds Crossed, Russian/American dancers; Moscow, Russia (April 26)
▪    International Festival of Dance “Isadora,” Krasnoyarsk, Russia (April 30) and

Norilsk, Russia (2006)
3rd International Annual Conference “Integrity of Cultural Space or Sum of Territories.” Conference founded by Irina Prokhorova, intellectual and manager of her brother’s national campaign for office against Vladimir Putin.
▪   Perform: Thresholds Crossed, Duet; participate in discussion regarding indigenous people of the region; Norilsk, Russia (November 4)

Krasnoyarsk, Russia (April 2005)
International Festival of Dance “Isadora,” Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia (April 10-17, 2005)
•   DCCo perform Shocked and Odd – Live Art II with Nikolai Shchetnev, Russia, Jack Gallagher, (American living in The Netherlands; Megan Thompson, Maida Withers (April 16)
•   Create LENIN, site-specific performance for the Lenin Museum with seventeen Russian dancers. Performance broadcast on television station. (April 14)
•   Teach workshops in improvisation, technique, and dance and technology (April 10-17)
•    Adjudication of choreography and performance: each evening international dance faculty viewed performances by modern dance groups from throughout Siberia selecting performers for the GALA Concert and awards for distinguished choreography and

Moscow, Russia (July 2005)
TsEKh (International Center for Choreography and Performance)
•   National audition followed by rehearsals for 3 weeks creating Thresholds Crossed Part I during TsEKh International Summer School (est July 3-23, 2005)
•   Informal performance of Thresholds Crossed Part I. (est Jul 20)
•   Maida Withers teaches improvisation for TsEKh International Summer School

Solovky Island,.Russia (July 2004)
ArtAngar “Solosphere” Project; Solovky Islands, Russia.
•   Create and perform: 8-day residency at historic Solovky Island to create site specific works: Solovky Island was the site of the first experiment in the Soviet Era GULAG (forced labor camps) written  about extensively by author and dissident, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. During the 3-week residency with dance   artists from Finland and Russia DCCo (Maida Withers, Anthony Gongora, Linda Lewett, filmmaker;  Audrey Chen, cellist) created dances for many locations on the Island and filmed Thresholds Crossed (GULAG/Art Angar) in the historic building housing the dirigible (delivery of food, and other commodities. (July 17-24)

Arkhangelsk, Russia (July 2004)
TOUCH 3 International Dance Festival, Arkhangelsk, Russia
•   Performed Thresholds Crossed (GULAG/Abu Ghraib) Maida, Anthony, Audrey..
•  Created site specific work with Russian, American and Finnish dancers (downtown street in the location of Café Merci) (July 11-16) and

St. Petersburg, Russia (July 2003)
5th OPEN LOOK International Dance Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia (July 1-10, 2003)
•   Perform Dance of the Auroras – Fire in the Sky in Tansia Theatre. Performance included collaborators, Tania Fraga, cyber world artists from Brazil; original music by Oystein Sevag and the Global House Band, Norway; Dance Construction Company dancers; Sasha Kukin, Russia, Iwona Olszowska, Poland; Part II section performed by Kannon Dance Company of St. Petersburg;
•   Maida Withers was in residence for two weeks in St. Petersburg in March 2003 to reconstruct Part II of Dance of the Auroras on the Kannon Dance Company;
•   Company taught four workshops daily. (Part II)

this information is incorrect…….St. Petersburg, Russia (May 2001)
Open Look Festival. Kannon Dance Company and School.
•   MWDCCo in residence teaching for the festival and reconstructing Aurora/2001: Dance of the  Auroras – Fire in the Sky Part II Kannon Dance Company dancers.
•   Perform: Tansia Theatre Aurora/2001: Dance of the Auroras – Fire in the Sky (May 20)

Arkhangelsk, Russia (July 2003)
TOUCH 2 International Dance Festival in Arkhangelsk, Russia (July 11-15)
•   Perform Dance of the Auroras – Fire in the Sky (see description above)
•  Company taught two workshops daily.  and

Sao Paulo, Brazil (June 2002)
Choreographic Residency with 7 Brazilian dancers to create, Hekuras – Spirits of the Rainforest (originally titled, A River Runs Deep, with computer artist, Tania Fraga.
▪   Performance: University Anembi Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brazil (June or July 2002)

Brasilia, Brazil (May 2001)
2nd International Conference on Art and Technology
•   Aurora/2001 Perform: Joseph Mills, SUN (May 8 and May 14). Participate in   Conference sessions.
•   Participate in show taping for a television program.

Tromso, Norway (January 2001)
Northern Lights Festival.
•  Perform full performance: Aurora/2001: Dance of the Auroras – Fire in the Sky (Jan 27) and

St. Petersburg, Russia (April 2000)
Kannon Dance School and Company, St. Petersburg, Russia
•   Maida Withers created Part III of Dance of the Auroras – Fire in the Sky with Iwona Olszowska,  dancer from Poland, and Sasha Kukin, dancer from Russia, and Vincent Cacalano, USA/Netherlands,  during a residency sponsored by Kannon Dance Company. (April 3-24, 2000)
▪   Premiere Part III Dance of Auroras, Dukabrezkov Theatre
▪   Daily teaching for the school and community and (Part III, only)

Finland and Norway (May/June 1999)
American-Scandinavian Research Grant
Maida began in her research for Aurora 2001 in Roveniemi, Finland, and drove to the top of the world in Norway and then down the Fjords to Tromso, Norway, across Sweden and back to Roveniemi,Finland meeting with Russian, Finnish, and Norwegian auroral scientists, mythology specialists, and a musician.(May 20 to June 14)

Ouro Preto, Brazil (July 1999)  Sponsored, in part, by United States Information Agency
31st Festival de Inverno (Winter Festival) of UMFG (Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais)
Nacional, Ouro Preto, Brazil
▪ Performing Pitfalls – Nose to Cement and Other Tales Told on the Way DownNevertheless      Tenderness – Historic National Theatre
▪ Street performances during the festival in the UN Historic City of Ouro Preto.
▪  Workshops: improvisation (July 12-16)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (July 1999)
Casa de Cultura – Universidad Estacio de Sa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (July 20)
▪   Pitfalls – Nose to Cement and Other Tales Told on the Way Down; Nevertheless Tenderness
▪   Workshops: Renato Vieira Danca e Cena, Rio de Janeiro (July 21-24) and

Beijing, China (Nov 1999)
City Contemporary Dance Company, Willy Tsaos, Beijing, China
▪ Workshops in technique and improvisation (Nov 10, 11)
Seoul and Taejon, Korea (Nov 1999) -( two different tours)
▪   Seoul, Korea,
Perform: Hoam Theatre (November 15)
▪  Taejon City, Korea
Perform: Nevertheless…Tenderness, Taejon Cultural Center Korean Int’l Modern Dance Festival (Nov 16)
▪   Workshops: City Contemporary Dance Company, (Beijing, China November 10 and 11); Taejon, Korea (Nov 1999) and

Helsinki, Finland (Jan 1998)
Side Step Festival – International Dance Improvisation Festival, Zodiak Center for Dance, Helsinki, Finland (January 23 – 25)
▪   Group Improvisation performance during festival

Volgograd, Russia (June 1997)
Conference on Dance, Volgograd Centre for Dance, Volgograd, Russia
Maida Withers delivered a paper and showed video of Utah * Spirit Place * Spirit Planet *  Tukuhnikivatz. This was one of the first post Soviet Era international Russian conferences on contemporary dance (June 4-8)

Moscow, Russia (May 1997)
Kinetics Theatre, Sasha Pepelieyev, Director
▪   Workshop for Kinetics Dance Company (May 29)
Chamber Ballet Ensemble
▪   Workshop for Chamber Ballet Ensemble (May 30)
Helsinki, Finland (June 1997)
Theatre Academy, Department of Dance
▪   Workshop for dance and theatre students: Maida Withers (June 18)

Bytom, Katowice, Krakow, Poland (June/July 1997)
Silesian Dance Theatre – IV International Dance Festival and Conference
▪   Commission, Halda (a mound of waste) an environmental site work created by Withers with Polish dancers, musician, and installation sculptors, Bytom, Poland.
▪   Halda (a mound of waste) performed in Bytom, Poland, Plac Kosciuszki; Katowice, Poland, Plac Sejmu Slaskiego and Krakow, Poland; Kazimierz, ul. Szeroka.
▪   Workshops, dance improvisation (June 27-July 7)  and

Paris, France (July 1997)
Theatre Dunois, Paris, France
▪   Performance: Maida Withers, In Winds of Sand; Sarah Slifer/Giselle Ruzany Stirrings (July 9 and 10)

France – Theatro Dunois (Paris) and

Caracus, Venezuela (October/November 1997)
Aula Magna Theatre, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela, (Nov 1 and 2)
▪   In Winds of Sand; Nevertheless…Tenderness (Maida; Sarah Slifer)
▪   Workshops: Taller Experimental de Danza Pisorrojo, (October 25 to 31) and

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (June 1996)
School for New Dance Development; Bodies of Influence, 10th Anniversary (June 9 to 21)
▪   Perform: In Winds of Sand (est June 13)
▪   Create a site-specific work throughout the entire School for New Dance Development (SNDO) building “Dancing the SNDO,” Amsterdam, The Netherlands (est June 14)
▪   Participate in the SNDO symposium (June 15 and 16)
▪   Theatreschool Festival, workshops, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Asia Five-City Tour (Japan, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, Korea, Malaysia (May 1995)
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan (May 1995)
Con Carino Theatre (Japan Contemporary Dance Network)
▪   Perform:  Yuki Yuki with vocalist Marilia (May 20)

Tokyo, Japan (June 1995)
Beam Theater
▪   Stone Circle evening-length performance collaboration with MWDCCo, Marilia, Steven Lockwood,  Francois Perez, Tokyo, Japan (June 3)
World Dance Alliance Conference / Tokyo Chapter
▪   Workshop:  creating dance (June 4)

Tsukuba Science City, Japan (45 minutes north of Tokyo) (June 1995)
University of Tsukuba
▪   Workshops:  Dance technique, improvisation, choreography (June 5)

Yokohama, Japan (May and June 1995)
S.T. Spot Cabaret
▪   Improvisation performance with epoch poet, Gozo Yoshimasu, Marilia, vocals, Stephen Lockwood, piano  (May 30)
Kazuo Ohno Studio (Co-founder of Butoh)
▪   Create Documentary Video:  Kazuo Ohno teaching his weekly class in his home studio – see Archives (June 6)

Kyoto, Japan (June 1995)
Mariko Dance Theater
▪   Dance workshops, commercial studio of Mariko Dance Theatre, Kyoto, Japan (June 10)

Ansong, Korea (1995)
Jooksan Dance Festival – Laughing Stone Dance Company, Hong Sin Cha, Artistic Director and Founder
▪  Perform: Ancient Lands…Ancient Peoples performed by Maida Withers on red Earth stage created by Hong Sin Cha dancers (June 18)
▪   Workshop: improvisation (June 17)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (June 1995)
National Institute for the Arts, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
▪   Workshops for international program (June 26 – 29)
Kuala Lumpur Ballet Theatre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
▪   Create:  Dance work for Kuala Lumpur Ballet Theatre  (June 21 – 29) – Cannot locate the name.

Taejon, Korea (July 1995)
ChungAng University Residency
▪   Workshops: technique, improvisation, choreography (July 10 – 13)
City Hall Auditorium, Taejon, Korea
   Perform: Taejon Dance Festival;   Nevertheless…Tenderness; Quartet Improvisation (Korea, China, USA) (July 15) and

Seoul, Korea (April 26; Festival May 2-5, 1994)
13th International Korean Dance Festival, Munye Theatre; Seoul, Korea
▪ Perform: Ancient Lands/Ancient Peoples (May 2); Stirrings (May 3); In Winds of Sand (May 4) and and
(January 21 & 22, 1994, Dance of Maida Withers and Je Young Kim MCT, GWU = In Winds of Sand; & Fascination Improvisation)

Hong Kong (May 6 – 12, 1994)
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
▪   Perform: In Winds of Sand (May 11)
▪   Workshops in dance technique and improvisation

Guangzhou, China (May 15 – May 22, 1994) Sponsored by U.S. Embassy
Guangdong Dance Company, Founded by Mee Qi Yang in affiliation with Guangdong Dance Academy,
▪   Perform: Ancient Lands/Ancient Peoples (May ???)
▪   Company Workshops: one-week of dance technique and improvisation

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (May 22 -29, 1994)
Kuala Lumpur Dance Theatre, Director and Founder Lee Lee Lan; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
▪   Create Dance:  One More Time (Kuala Lumpur Dance Theatre – 10 women and 1 man)
▪   Perform:  Maida, guest artist (May 27)
▪   Workshops: dance technique and improvisation

Osaka, Japan (June 28 – August 8, 1993) – Leave from LA
Kansai University International Faculty Exchange Project, Osaka, Japan (June 30 – Aug 8)
▪   Study all forms of theater and performance in Japan; tour the entire country by train
▪  Lecture:  Earth as subject for dance as an art; Kansai University, Osaka, Japan.

Seoul, Korea (August 8 – 19, 1993)
Se Jong Culture Center
5 Interviews (Aug 10)
▪  Perform: In Winds of Sand; shared concert with Je Young Kim, Seoul, Korea (August 12) and
TaeJon, Korea (Aug 1993)
▪  Teach: Seoul Performing Arts High School (Aug 15 – 17)

Brasilia, Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (May 23 – June 13, 1992)
United Nation’s Earth Summit – Eco ’92.
100 International Artists for Ecology joined with Artists for Ecology in Brazil (parhaps 60 or more) to participate as advocates (artist activists) on behalf of the Earth.  Maida Withers and 4 Company members participated in many educational projects and several performances (Brasilia, May 23 -June 2; Rio de Janeiro, June 2 – 13).
▪ Perform:  Stone Garden, Musea de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro at dusk for one hour.
▪Perform Rolling Thunder with 4 Americans and 6 Brazilian dancers
Excerpt in documentary video:
▪Perform on site events throughout Rio and on SugarLoaf Mountain.

Mexico City, Mexico (November 19 – 26, 1987
Instituto Nacionale de Bellas Artes International Office of Public Relations
MWDCCo toured three cities in Mexico
▪   Perform: Obsession: A “Made in the USA” look at sex; Mexico City (November 21 and 22).
▪   Perform: Instituto Potosino de Bellas ARtes, San Luis Potosi, S.L.P. , Teatro de la Paz; San Luis Potosi,  (find VHS) (November 21 and 22)
▪   Perform: Queretaro, Mexico (est November 23 and 24)
▪   Workshops in technique and improvisation; public discussion in Spanish and English

Guatemala City, Guatemala (November 27- 30, 1987)
MWDCCo performance at Teatro Obril  (sponsored by First Lady Raquel Cerezo for two performances in an unusual city-run theatre (nudes painted on the entire ceiling)
▪   Perform: Obsession: A “Made in the USA” look at sex
▪   Workshop: Teatro Nacional

San Jose, Costa Rica (December 1 – 7, 1987) Sponsored by United States Information Agency
National Festival of Choreography
▪   Workshops: daily for 3 hours at the historic Teatro Nacional, San Jose,  Costa Rica

Taxco, Mexico (December 7- 10, 1987)
▪   International Conference on Dance II, participant

West Berlin, Germany (May 1981)
Akademie der Künste International Festival (Academy of Arts) established in 1696, invited
▪   3-week Creative Residency: John Driscoll, electronic composer/musician, and MWDCCo were in residence for three weeks. Stall.features a rotating loudspeaker set and animation.
▪    Perform:  Stall.  as part of the summer festival (May 4-21).

Berlin, Germany (Summer 1962)
Mary Wigman School, West Berlin, Germany.
▪   Study:  Daily for 3 weeks with Mary  Wigman at the state sponsored home/studio in West Berlin.  The Berlin Wall (first a temporary barbed wire fence and then a concrete barrier 11 to 13 feet high) was erected by the German Democratic Republic starting August 13,1961 that cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and East Berlin. Maida visited East Berlin via the underground subway system. The wall began to be removed November 7, 1989.  Sponsored by Purdue University Faculty Study/Travel Grant. and

Werden Abbey, Essen, Germany (Summer 1962)
Folkwangschule (Founded by Opera director Rudolf Schulz-Dornburg and choreographer Kurt Jooss).
▪   Study: Maida studied modern dance at this famous school attending international workshops.  Sponsored by Purdue University Faculty Study/Travel Grant.