Original Performance on May 2, 1994


1994 – Stirrings was created, originally, as a multimedia solo for Korean modern dancer, Je Young Kim and performed in Washington, DC with the world premiere in Seoul, Korea at the 13th International Modern Dance Festival, May 2 to 5, 1994.  The original work featured the following: choreography by Maida Withers; a video of polarized light sculpture by Adam Peiperl projected on stage; music by  Korean saxophonist Kang Tae Hwan (performed “live” in Korea);  and costume by Bill Pucilowsky.  Due to the lighting and the quality of the camera used in the theatre, the video projection behind the dancer is not fully visible.

Stirrings was also performed as a solo by Sarah Slifer that premiered May 1 & 2, 1998 at the performance Washington DC-Venezuela, Dance Works by International Women in Washington, DC  with music by Rob Orwin using a wind synthesizer at.  The performance was at GW’s Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre.

Stirring was also performed as a duet by Sarah Slifer and Giselle Ruzany.  In the duet, one dancer uses upstage as front and the other dancer uses downstage as front.  This version was performed at the Dunois Theatre , Paris, France.



Artists and Collaborators
Solo Versions
Duet Version
Polarized Light Sculptures, Je Young Kim performances
Music (saxophone), Je Young Kim performances
Music (wind synthesizer; Sarah Solo, DC)
Other Performances
  • Teatro Dunois; Paris France (Giselle and Sarah)(map) on July 9, 1997
  • Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre(map) on May 1, 1998