Sarah Slifer

InVoluntary Encounters
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Pitfalls – Nose to Cement and Other Tales Told on the Way Down

Sarah Slifer, Northborough, Massachusetts, began her dance training in ballet, ultimately bringer her to Ballet Theatre of Boston where she studied with Jose Mateo and Leo Geurard, and Marcus Shulkind. Slifer studied modern dance and choreography at The George Washington University with Maida Withers and Joseph Mills. Graduating in 1995 with a degree in history and philosophy of science, she has danced with the DCCo. in the United States, France, Venezuela and New York City’s Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors. Slifer has also worked with Katie Duck and Kay Isler, The Netherlands, Li Chiao Ping, California, and Jey Young Kim, Korea. Slifer studies modern dance with Maida Withers and ballet with Janet Shibata and Brian Roberts. She earned a BA degree at GW with a major in the philosophy of science and a minor in dance.