Original Performance on July 6, 2018


“scattering the ruins of the past for the sake of the future.”.
Site Performance – July 6, 2018 @ 5:00 to 6:00 PM
17 Ukraine Contemporary Dancers
National Exhibition Center of Ukraine

Ukraine_Facebook-event-coverThe National Exhibition Center, an architectural pearl, includes 180 buildings, 20 of which have the status of historical and cultural monuments of Ukraine.

Maida Withers, noted Washington, DC choreographer, and Anton Ovchinnikov, ZelyonkaFest founder, Kiev, co-created “60 MOVES with FUTURE GAZE,” a site-specific performance featuring 17 Ukrainian contemporary dancers and live electronic music composed and performed by Steve Hilmy, USA,  in honor of the 60th ANNIVERSARY GALA CELEBRATION of The historic National Exhibition (Expo) Center, Kiev, Ukraine – Friday, July 6, 2018. “60 MOVES with FUTURE GAZE, a dance production of Black O!Range, Kiev,” was created during a 15-day residency in the studio of the Les Kurbas Centre and on the territory of the Expo Center.

Why Dance?  Why this dance now?  Why in Ukraine?

“60 MOVES with FUTURE GAZE” explores the relationship between architecture and the human body in order to better understand how architecture affects our identity and patterns of behavior. What do we feel today, being surrounded by the ideology of the past – a past deeply embodied in architecture? And who are WE – the people who have lived in times of dramatic change, who are still in the process of self-identification – scattering the ruins of the past for the sake of the future.

This collaboration about Stalinist architecture and the human body occurs at a most timely moment for USA and Ukraine engagement. Most Ukrainians still live in an environment of Soviet architecture which was built during the days of Stalin and Khrushchev. It is well known that architecture was the embodiment and reflection of the dominant ideology and state policy. Houses in the era of Stalin were built to inspire respect for the state system, to express confidence, optimism, faith in the victory of the Soviet system and lifestyle.  That day is now past but the architecture continues and can be re-envisioned by the new Ukraine – the passionate and  innovative spirit of youth – thus the 60 MOVES project.

History of the Idea:
The idea of ​​creating this performance was announced by artistic director of Black O!Range Dance Production, Anton Ovchinnikov. in 2016. Anton proposed creating a cycle of site-specific performances called “Revitalizing the Past – Creating the Future”. In accordance with the idea, it was proposed to create street performances, with the background of the Stalinist architecture of the City of Kiev, which has the artistic and historical value.  Anton approached Maida Withers, USAS choreographer, based on her 21 years of collaborative projects in Russia.   In the first performance of the cycle we set the task of investigating the relationship between architecture and the body in order to understand how architecture can influence a person, identity and patterns of behavior with a look to the future of Ukraine.

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Performance video and photos from Exhibition Center  to be posted July 15, 2018

Rehearsal Photos at National Exhibition Center of Ukraine – June 2018Cast Photo at Exhibition Center after Performance

IMG_0962IMG_0943 (1)IMG_1362IMG_5074JM3atColumnBest377Steve Hilmy; Anton Ovchinnikov, Maida Withers
IMG_1094Rehearsal interrupted by a  thunderstorm
IMG_0397AO IMG_0380AO IMG_0412AO IMG_0422-2.AOjpg IMG_0704AO IMG_0613AO1.6Maida Withers and Anton Ovchinnikov, Choreographers for 60 MOVES
IMG_5049JM_SHSteve Hilmy, composer/musician, in rehearsal mode

Photos by Jeannine Mjoseth, Anton Ovchinnikov, others












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"There are two things when creating performances which can be achieved. First get enlightenment itself (answers to questions, solutions to problems, new knowledge, etc.), in which the artist grows.. Second-the viewer receives enlightenment. Look and say: "but I thought it's not even about! This is so exciting! Anton Ovchinnikov_Interview
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"scattering the ruins of the past for the sake of the future" - quote from Anton Ovchinnikov: “60 Moves with Future Gaze” explores the relationship between architecture and the human body in order to better understand how architecture affects our identity and patterns of behavior. Art Daily
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