Halda (a mound of waste) (Bytom, Poland)

Original Performance on June 27, 1977

1977 – An evening-length site performance commissioned by Slaski Teatre Tanca for the 1997 International Dance Conference and Festival in Bytom, Poland.  This outdoor performance was created with four Polish dancers from the Eksperymentalne Studio Tanca in Kracow, Poland  and inspired by the devastation to the local environment of the Silesian region in Poland due to pollution and damage to the earth by digging coal mines under the city. of Bytom. The Fivenotten Group (visual artists) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland created an installation of grass and a balanced pole used by the dancers during the performance.

Premiere performances for 1997 International Dance Conference and Festival:

(1) Bytom, Poland, Plac Kosciuszki
(2) Katowice, Poland, Plac Sejmu Slaskiego
(3)Krakow, Poland; Kazimierz, ul. Szeroka


Artists and Collaborators
Polish Dancers (3)
Polish Visual Artists
Other Performances
  • Placu Sejmu Slaskiego, Katowice. Poland(map) on January 1, 1970
  • Historic Kazimierz ul Szeroka, Krakow, Poland(map) on January 1, 1970