Hekuras – Spirits of the Rainforest (São Paulo, Brazil)

Original Performance on July 2, 2002

2002 – Multidimensional dance, computer art, new music based on the mythology and power of the Amazon Rainforest – Spirits of the Rainforest.  Created in São Paulo, Brazil during a three-week residency with Brazilian Professional dancers ( Wilson Aguiar, Marines Calori Andrea Fraga, Beth Bastos, Suia Ferluto).  Tania Fraga, computer artist and scholar, created original computer art based on the Amazon mythology about the Rainforest. Original music was used with the permission of Magda Pucci, Brazilian composer. Hekuras was originally planned for a Brazilian exhibition in Africa that was cancelled.  ekuras was never completed but was performed at Universidad Anhembi Morumbi in 2002 as a work in progress. This video includes two aspects:

(1)rehearsal that shows the dance with the computer art;

(2) rehearsal without the computer art.

Artists and Collaborators
Computer Art
Other Performances
  • Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre - DanceWorks (2010)(map) on April 15, 2010