Collision Course – a.k.a. Pillow Talk (Film Short 7:24)

Original Performance on October 21, 2011

2011 – Film Short. This intriguing film features three estranged characters, Nate Bond, Anthony Gongora, Giselle Ruzany, body parts wrapped in large white bed pillows secured to body parts with packaging tape. These became body appendages – an armor of protection, a shield, an obstacle to overcome. Performers created an environment with associated memories, dreams, and nightmares – an odd yet delightful spectacle. This is real but more, it is surreal, at once bold and delicate, loving, diving and daring. Pillows thrown, relationships aught! What dreams of love do nightmares have? The performance site performance for Dance USA was 45 minutes in length and commissioned by Dance USA.

This short, edited and designed by Anthony Gongora, was shot outdoors at the Embassy of Sweden (Swedish House) situated near the Potomac River in Georgetown, Washington, DC. A three-camera shoot by Catherine Featherstone, Ayo Okunseinde, Maida Withers,  documented the site-specific performance at the Dance USA 20th Annual Conference and a site rehearsal to create the sequence and movement for the film short, Collision Course – a.k.a. Pillow Talk. This film premiered at Artisphere Dome Theater for the presentation DANCE:FILMS October 21, 2011. The film was shown at the Danzlenz, Habitat Center, New Delhi, India in February 2012. The project was produced by Maida Withers with the Dance Construction Company.

Artists and Collaborators
Other Performances
  • Danzlenz, Habitat Center, New Delhi, India(map) on February 22, 2012