Ayodamola (Ayo) Okunseinde



Pillow Design/ Technical Production/ Editor/ Camera/ New Media Artist/ Visual Artist:  Collision Course a.k.a. Pillow Talk (2012); Maida I (2011); Maida II (2011); Naked Truth (2010); FareWell- To the End of the Wrold as We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to Paradise (2008-2012); FareWell: Tipping Point (2008-2012)

Born in Montclair New Jersey, Ayo spent his formative years living in Nigeria, Oman and Holland. He studied at Rutgers University Mason Gross School of Art and New York Film Academy, La Femis Film Program, Paris, France. Ayo’s extensive travels (33 countries) have influenced his work and artistic direction. As creative director and visual artist working in the multimedia field, Ayo has worked with notable artists like Donald Odita and Ike Ude. He has made significant contributions to the Washington D.C. arts scene through his projects “Smacktv: a contemporary arts show”, “SCENE” and “Variance”. Collaborating with local artists, Ayo has helped to foster interdisciplinary arts projects including “Arabesque Rising,” “New Music Compositions,” and the “Fresh Produce Film Festival.” Okunseinde was the founder of Dissident Display Studios and Gallery on H St NE, Washington, DC (USA). Heavily influenced by mass media and popular culture, he weaves these elements into his works.