John Driscoll

New John DriscollJOHN DRISCOLL is a composer/sound artist who is a founding member of Composers Inside Electronics and collaborated on and managed David Tudor’s Rainforest IV project since its inception in 1973.  He has toured extensively in the US and Europe with: CIE, Douglas Dunn & Dancers, David Tudor, and also as a solo performer.  His work involves robotic instruments, compositions and sound installations for unique architectural spaces, rotating loudspeakers, and music for dance.  He was musical director for Maida Withers Dance Construction Co. from 1974-1980. He has created music for: Merce Cunningham Dance Co., Douglas Dunn & Dancers, and Maida Withers Dance Construction Co.

In 2014, he was artist-in-residence at Harvestworks Inc. developing a work for robotic-driven highly focused speakers, and has recently completed new works for an array of ultrasonic instruments.  In 2015, Driscoll co-created a Rainforest V installation version with Phil Edelstein which has been acquired by Museum der Moderne in Salzburg Austria for their collection, and was recently on exhibit in Warsaw Poland. His recent album “Fishing for Sound (Berlin)” is available on iTunes. He is working on the revival of David Tudor’s Pavilion works in conjunction with CIE, E.A.T. and the David Tudor Project.  He was recently the David Tudor Composer-In-Residence at Mills College and is currently performing Tudor’s original Rainforest work as part of a reconstruction of Merce Cunningham’s RainForest by the Stephen Petronio Company.

photo with sculpturesJohn Driscoll with Robotic Sound Sculptures


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Historic Photographs from Yesterday’s Garlands & Yesterday’s Kisses
Sm YesterdayJohn Driscoll plays saw
John Driscoll with tube in mouth300_rotated
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