Time Dance (1984)

Original Performance on June 15, 1984

1984 – Restaging choreography of 1976 version of Time Dance  for performance in Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre.  The square was adapted to a diamond and many other changes occurred.  John Driscoll created and performed Music for Miniature Objects and spoken text from Gertrude Stein’s “Geography and Plays – Sacred Emily” and Dick Higgins “FOEW+OMBWHNW – (Cowboy Plays)”

Original Definition: Group performance based on structure of pulse and accumulation.  The pulse appeared in the movement or was heard as sound  The pulse appeared in the movement or as sound throughout the entire continuous performance.  The final section titled, 44’s, represented an accumulation of 8 count phrases contributed by each dancer.  The sequence must begin with 1, and then 1/2 and then 1/2/3 and so on.  You could stop/hold/arrest the movement on any given count, but  you must come in on the count (up to 44) that has moved forward either by the other dancers or just keeping the pulse.  There was a slow section and there was a “marking” section.  The goal for each dancer was to take advantage of the unexpected was to create choreography dropping in and out while changing locations on stage.

Choreography: Maida Withers and Company.  Each Company member solo they created with group accompaniment.

Costumes by John Bailey:  Tie-dyed layers of costumes in shades of sky blue and water green.  Each dancer had a leotard, cotton shorts and a T-shirt, long cotton tie pants, or a skirt.  Clothes were removed one piece at a time down to the leotard during the dance.

Visual elements:  In the opening segment there were light specials at each of the square corners and the circle of light was used as well.  At the end, bizarre red lights were used for chaos.

Time Dance Premiere: Hand Chapel, Washington, DC.  March 26, 27, 28, 1976

This video is the second performance  in Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre (1984)

The third performance was on the steps by the Lincoln Memorial looking down over the Potomac River during Rush Hour (see photos).

Artists and Collaborators
Music for Minature Object and Readings
Geography Plays-Sacred Emily
Dancers (1984)
Original Choreography / Collaborators 1976
Costume Design
Light Design
Concept/Artistic Director