Bog Works

Original Performance on August 1, 1975

WPA - Close up of Brook A and John B

1975 – Installation performance with MWDCCo and John Driscoll, electronic composer/musician/sculptor, in the open theater space of Washington Project for the Arts in the earliest location on G Street, Washington, DC.  Bog Works featured an installation of  unique homemade loudspeakers hung in the space by John Driscoll along with flashlights hung on ropes situated as functional sculptures throughout the space. John was seated in the center of the open space and the audience was seated in the center of the room with the dance and installation in the periphery. Dancers were also lighting designers by choosing to move the hanging battery-operated lights  (turning them off and on, spotlighting another dancers) by swinging, rotating or focusing the light on dancers or the musician located around the space and on the elevated platform. The work began with dancers wearing battery operated lights and the dancers had a loose script.

The program lasted one hour.










Artists and Collaborators
Dancers / Collaborators
Loudspeaker Installation and Music
Flashlight Installation - Lighting