Performed at WPA in the upper open theatre space on G Street

Props – Five working bleepers (extra for during performance) – check police station for a newer model
Lights – Amy Plummer
Light Design
– same six options, possibly floodlight lights or flash cubes from camera plus one sustained light from boards.
House – Very dark – no isle lights or cove lights -0 cover all exit signs.
Costumes – presently red accent or possibly white.
Sound – John Driscoll with electronics with six sound options.
Dance Script – the event is 12 minutes in length with no bleeper; Six lights (patterns) also appear during the 12 minute event.  The source, location, and duration of nature of the light is determined by the light designer (i.e. flashbulb, flashlights, lekos, etc). Only on light can be of a sustained duration.Dancers move about in theatre space (isles, catwalks, and enter and exit quietly).
Needs – Bleepers for newer model at police station
Public – Script available at the door. Script unnecessary for viewing the piece.

There are six dancers, five of whom are carrying bleepers and act as musicians (sound producers).  Each sound/dancer is allowed to make 6 sounds during the 12 minute time space within the space available in the theatre.

Only one of the six sounds can be of a sustained duration.  The dancer ithout a bleeper improvises a solo making sounds with his body.  His/her solo is completed when he is given a bleeper by another dancer or when a bleeper is available to him o the floor.

Dancers with bleepers may enter and exit the space as they choose and move through the space as freely or limited as they choose.  Dancers with bleepers maycluster.  Two musicians playing  also makes six sounds during the 12 minute time span.  His pitches are related to those of the bleepers.


Artists and Collaborators
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