Verabel Call Cluff

Camera/ Visual Artist/ Editor/ Producer: TUK (Tukuhnikivatiz); Utah, Spirit Place, Spirit Planet, Tukuhnikivatz (1996); In Winds of Sand (1993-1997); Sand Cycles (1991); Spirit Path/ Migration/ Remains (1990); For Verabel.

Verabel Call Cluff – videographer and photographer, is an independent television writer and producer in Utah, who  engaged in research and development for Tukuhnikivatz and for eight of Withers’ ten expeditions in the Southwest.  Cluff graduate with honors in television and film from American University in Washington, DC.  Showings of Cluff’s art environment video, SandS CycleS, include the Earth Summit International Conference on Environment and Development, Rio de Janeiro, in 1992, Artist’s Forum, Women Make Movies VIII, Washington, DC (1993),  IMZ Dance Screen in Lyon, France (1994), Utah Film and Video Short Festival (1993), and Mid Summer’s Eve, Women’s Festival, (1993), SLC, Utah and four tours in Asia as the centerpiece of Withers’ In Winds of Sand.  SandS CycleS, A Meditation, an installation exhibition was presented at the University of Utah Art Gallery (1995).