Spirit Path / Migration

Question regarding the location of this performance: Dance Place, Marvin Center Theatre???? Check program in archives.

View Spirit Path/Migration also on Earth Spirit Rising as a QUARTET:
https://vimeo.com/93606130  ( 0:32:50 to 0:48:50)

1990 – Spirit Path / Migration  is a duet conceived and created by Maida Withers.  Mark Thompson and Maida Withers are dancers and vocalists in the work.  The opening kaleidoscope visuals (slides) are created by Adam Peiperl, Kinetic Light Sculptor. The closing photographs are by Verabel Call Cluff.  Live Native American vocals by Nick Mandoza and Raymond Dude, Maryland.

Spirit Path/Migration part of Withers’ Earth Works dances.

The opening movements (entrance) were derived from the Yellow Springs Institute, creative residency, in Philadelphia that was created with four dancers (2 men, 2 women).  Manipulation of white hand held objects to receive projected images was discovered in an improvisation session in Moab, Utah with Bruce Hucko, photographer and also appeared later in Utah * Spirit Place * Spirit Planet * Tukuhnikivatz.

1989 Path  (Yellow Springs Institute, Philadelphia, PA)
1990 Spirit Path/Migration
1991 Path/Migration /Remains (Arlington, VA)
CHECK archive programs to confirm the information on Spirit Path/Migrtion/remains.

Maida Withers and Mark Thompson, dancers in photos; Set by Carl Gudeniusmthompsongesturedress72

MRW & Mark Thompson layered with flexed foot
Visual Projections, Adam Peiperl with Mark Thompson
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