Tania Fraga

Joseph with NASA red sun
Virtual World by Tania Fraga

Tania FragaComputer Artist/ Cyber World Artist/ Composer/ Virtual Artist

Tania Fraga is a Brazilian architect and artist. She holds a Ph.D. on the Communication and Semiotics Program at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo. She is vice-president of the Sao Paulo Institute of Mathematics and Arts. Ms. Fragia developed a Senior Post Doctoral research project at School of Communication and Arts of the University of Sao Paulo with a research grant from FAPESP, Sao Paulo Foundation for Research Support. In the course of 1999, Tania developed a Post Doctoral research project at the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Interactive Arts and Science Technology and Art Research, UK, with a research grant from the Brazilian Agency for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel. Until 2003 she was Professor and Coordinator of the Graduation Studies of the Art Institute at University of Brasilia, Brazil. Since 2006 she has been a member of the Zero Gravity Arts Consortium, USA. In 2003, Tania became a  member of the Advisory Research Committee of the Banff New Media Centre, Canada. She was Visiting Scholar at the Computer Science Department at The George Washington University, Washington DC, in 1991/1992, in 2010, and 2011. In 1986 she was Artist-in-Residence at The Bemis Foundation, USA, with a grant from the Fulbright Commission. She works with computer art and has been showing and publishing her work in many national and international exhibitions, lectures, workshops, seminars and congresses. Her research is related to virtual reality and the creation of artworks looking for the integration of affection among humans, virtual and physical objects through computer technology. Recent research deals with the integration of computer based artworks with neural technologies. Such artworks weave knowledge and artistic processes with computational technologies aiming creative results integrating art, science and technology; results with poetic, aesthetic and functional qualities; results exploring emergency and agency for their construction, design and set up.

Works: Mind Fluctuaions (2014); Naked Truth (2010); Hekuras Project: Spirits of the Rainforest (2002); Aurora/2001: Dance of the Auroras- Fire in the Sky (The Sun/Vrtual Sun, Solar Wind towards Magnetosphere; Magnetic Storm Seen from Above; View from the Earth) (2001-2003)

More Information: http://taniafraga.wordpress.com/