Rainforest Awakens

Original Performance on October 21, 2020
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Tania Fraga
Maida Withers
Steve Hilmy


 https://vimeo.com/470650599  DRESS REHEARSAL


interactive telematic performance with maida withers | performance telemática interactiva com maida withers

October 21st | 21 de outubro, 2020, 06h30 PM (EDT) – 19h30 (BRT)

Support | Apoios:
The George Washington University, LABART, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, CAPES

Authors | Autores:
Maida Withers (Artistic Director, Dance Construction Company, Washington, DC)  Steve Hilmy (Composer/Musician, Florida), Tania Fraga (Computer Artist, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Curators | Curadores: Maida Withers, Nara Cristina dos Santos, Tania Fraga
Eric Withers, technical production | produção técnica

Youtube live broadcast at | Transmissão live no Youtube em: https://youtube.com/channel/UCw274rzHP9t7muJG9zAW_aw

Rainforest Awakens is a real-time interactive performance. In it, three artists come together “live and online” to explore beauty and crisis in a visionary 3D Rainforest.
Maida Withers, noted dance artist, performs in iridescent 3D virtual worlds of Tania Fraga, a Brazilian computer artist, in a sonic forest of sound by Steve Hilmy.
The Corona Virus pandemic is seizing artists in their homes, demanding other forms of expression and communication using computers. Therefore, the artists conceived this performance looking for ways to deal with such a situation. Maida’s living room transformed into a choreographic space receives Tania’s virtual worlds manipulated online, in real-time, from Sao Paulo while Maida dances in Arlington, VA in front of a large white wall where she responds, also in real-time, to the virtual images in DC with live music by Steve Hilmy from Florida.

Rainforest Awakens é uma performance interativa em tempo real. Nela, três artistas se reunem “ao vivo e online” para explorar a beleza e a crise em uma floresta tropical 3D visionária. Maida Withers, notável coreógrafa e dançarina, se apresenta nos mundos virtuais 3D iridescentes de Tania Fraga, uma artista computacional brasileira, em uma floresta sônica de Steve Hilmy.
A pandemia do vírus Corona19 está prendendo os artistas em suas casas, exigindo outras formas de expressão e comunicação por meio do computador. Portanto, os artistas idealizaram esta performance buscando formas de lidar com tal situação. A sala de Maida, transformada em espaço coreográfico, recebe os mundos virtuais de Tania manipulados online, em tempo real, de São Paulo, enquanto Maida dança em Arlington, VA em frente a uma parede branca onde responde, também em tempo real, as imagens virtuais com a música ao vivo de Steve Hilmy da Flórida.

RainForestAwakensMaidaWithers01-1024x768 (002)

Rainforest Awakens

RainForestAwakensMaidaWithers02-1024x768 (002)

Comments from viewers (email):
“Congratulations Maida for this innovative performance. I would never have known this was not a performance stage. The music was hauntingly beautiful, the virtual worlds were captivating and Maida you at the center, as always, were the expressive soul giving form to the energies of the earth. Thank you so much for sharing.” Aimee Fullman (Professor, GW Dance Alumni, Chair, MWDCCo Board). 10/21/2020 aimee.fullman@gmail.com

“Awesome Maida!  I agree that you would never have known that you were all working from different locations. It was really beautiful – loved how it all came together. Congrats,”  Alison Beesley (Accountant, Non Profit; MWDCCo Board) alison_beesley@yahoo.com

“OK…again! DITTO! DITTO1 DITTO1  Nancy Tartt
“I’m a few minutes behind on the stream, but this really is very cool.  And not just for the Age of COVID – this work was innovative and expressive in any time.  Looking forward to the future! Greg Hunter, Arlington, VA (Lawyer and MWDCCo Board)

Artists and Collaborators
Computrer Artist / Virtual Worlds
Choreographer / Dancer
Composer / Musician
Technical Production
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