Shaun Schroth

Photo 4954475_300x300Photographer
Collision Course a.k.a. Pillow Talk (2012)
Matrimony -Sink or Swim (2013)
Trans Action (2014)
Shaun Schroth is an artist, of all sorts. He studied graphic design and illustrated comics in his younger days at the Elkhart Area Career Center, built Recreational Vehicles in the Rust Belt, concocted culinary delights such as tacos and burritos with the fire and flare of a Midwesterner, wrote comedic shorts while completing his degree in Video Production at the Art Institute of Washington, and continues his artistic pursuits, primarily of the photographic variety at the University of the District of Columbia, where he has serendipitously discovered his passion for teaching. But who is Shaun Schroth? (You may, or may not be wondering that at all.) You might be thinking about the aforementioned tacos and burritos. Currently Shaun is wrapping up his Bachelors Degree while working as a Teaching Assistant, Photography Lab Manager, Freelance Photographer, Videographer, and above all else, an Artist.