Anonyty / Parts Unknown

Original Performance on November 13, 2015


Photos by Shaun Schroth

2015 Anonyty explores the intimate boundary between our physical and digital identities, by bringing to life digital people that interact in our real world through movement and dance – a collaboration of Maida Withers and Brian Kane, co-authors.

Maida Withers Dance Construction Company, Felicia Avalos, Anthony Gongora, and Jezel Modell, perform interactions between the real and virtual, the dancers, and the guests during the Gala openings of the Washington Project for the Arts 40th Anniversary Celebration in the new gallery in the JBG Companies’ Atlantic Plumbing development at 8th and V street NW, in the U Street Corridor, Washington, DC. Friday, November, 13, 2015 – VIP Event; Saturday, November 14, 2015 – General Public Celebration.IMG_1026-4

Full body digitally printed morph suits are created by Brian Kane, noted visual artist and fashion technologist, USA, and Amelia Zhang, Rhode Island School of Design. The body suits are completely covered with custom digital photography of persons other than the dancers which simulates the “pixelated” effect of digital images, bringing a privacy enhanced digital version of a real person moving in the real world, and interacting with real space.
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Photos by Shaun Schroth (above)
Photos by Simone Schiess (below – Washington Project for the Arts 40th Anniversary Gala Celebration, Nov 14, 2015)

More photos available.

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