Spirit Figures

Original Performance on February 7, 1992

1992 – Spirit Figures is  part of Dance for the Earth created in commemoration and for the United Nation’s Earth Summer (Eco ’92) in Brazil.   Spirit figures wer created from discarded items (trash, like plastic) that create horrific destruction to the planet’s oceans and urban life.  In the USA, combining a tree limb with discarded materials (deemed probably dangerous for the Earth environment),  spirit figures were created to engage in a ritual of a community of dancers.  The tree limbs were obtained in a storm drain (ravine/river) in Arlington, Virginia leading to the Potomac River and plastic became the predominate material for each figure  (heads on poles) along with cans and bottles.

When Spirit Figures was recreated in Brasilia, Brazil for the UN Earth Summit, a Brazilian visual artist created figures like sea creatures from rubber and other available materials that were more appropriate for life in Brazil.  Since there were no trees of any height in Brasilia, where the reconstruction occurred, bamboo (abundant in Brasilia) poles were used. Brazilian and American dancers performed together.

Eagle Messenger, solo,  is included as part of the evening-length program, Rolling Thunder in Dance for the Earth.

Other Performances
  • Outdoor stage - Rio de Janeiro - U.N. Earth Summit(map) on June 6, 1992
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