Messenger Eagle (See Dance for the Earth)

Original Performance on February 7, 1992

1992 – In America, Native America, and many other cultures, the Eagle is admired and held in great reverence.  When working on the red earth sites in the Southwestern United States it is always a glorious moment when the Eagle soars above with its great power, strength, and beauty.

For this work, we viewed the Eagle as a messenger to and from the Gods.  If you were in communication with the Eagle you could receive a message from the Gods or, perhaps, send a message.

Messenger Eagle is included as part of the evening-length program, Dance for the Earth created in honor of the United Nation’s Earth Summit (Eco’92) in Rio de Janeiro.  Messenger Eagle was performed in Rio de Janeiro on a beach stage sponsored by the City of Rio.

View Dance for the Earth (28:28 to 36:01)

Artists and Collaborators
Music - Artist in Pennsylvania
Costumes and Body Paint
Lighting Design