James Byrne

Camera / Utah Project Residency  – Blanding, Utah

TUK (Tukuhnikivatiz); Utah, Spirit Place, Spirit Planet, Tukuhnikivatz (1996);
Ancient Lands/ Ancient Peoples (1992/1994);
Earth Spirit Rising (1990)

Byrne (videogapher), of New York City, is nationally recognized for film and video art works with dance, and has been presented on the PBS award-winning show, “Alive From Off Center,”  WNET in New York City and WGBH in Boston.  Byrne has taught at New Jersey State College.  His video work with dance artists including Eiko and Koma and Susan Hadley.  Byrne is currently working as an independent film maker.  Byrne was videographer for the earth site project by Withers in the Four Corners Area in 1988, work included in Utah * Tukuhnikivatz.  (locate more information)