Collision Course – a.k.a. Pillow Talk (Projected Installation)

Original Performance on December 7, 2012

2012 – The video is compiled from projected images , a visual installation created for and projected during the evening-length multimedia performance, Collision Course – a.k.a. Pillow Talk, choreographed by Maida Withers in collaboration with the Dance Construction Company.

Alissandru (Alex) Caldiero, sonosphere, performer, poet and scholar, is the centerpiece of the visual installation.  The text originated from Caldiero.  The photographs included in the visual installation were taken by Shaun Schroth.  The installation was designed and edited by Anthony Gongora.  The narrative video of Alex Caldiero, shot by Maida Withers, features Caldiero as he improvises about love over a period of two hours.

This installation (visuals and text by Anthony Gongora) is not continuous during the performance, but for this this video version all segments have been combined for continuous playing rather than separated by black for timing with the choreography.

Alex improvised the text during a video taping session filmed by Maida Withers at Utah Valley University where Alex is a Philosophy Professor.   Alex improvised stories about love, directing his stories to the camera and to Verabel Call Cluff, friend, filmmaker, and artist, who was dying of cancer at the time. The stories reflect the situation.

Artists and Collaborators
Concept: Collision Course - a.k.a. Pillow Talk
Sonosphere, Poet, Philosopher
Editor / Installation Narrative / Drawings /
Camera - Videographer
Audience for Interview
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