DC 2nd Int’l Improvisation Plus+ Festival

1966 – The title of the DC International Improvisation Plus+ Festival did not come into existence until the after the 3rd year of the festival.  The idea of the festival began when a friend came from out of the country and we created and presented an improvisation event in building J dance studio, 1995 and again in 1996.

Maida Withers Dance Construction Company had been engaged with evening-length dance improvisation events since the 1970s.  With Maida’s ongoing interest and participation in international projects, the festival was a natural development – bringing artists from abroad who were also invested in improvisation in performance art, dance, music, and theater.  This was an important part of reciprocity for support of Withers performances abroad with smaller dance organizations and individuals.

Access to support from the embassies in DC was also an important factor.  While Maida approached embassies in DC, the international partners were approaching his/her governments for funding to participate.  This was a successful idea.  However, this approach did not underwrite DC artists participation.
The festival was always run by the participating artists. the term “curator” was used for the artists making the decisions about the festival.

No record of exact date of festival, only the year.

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