DC 5th Int’l Improvisation Plus+ Festival

1999 (December 3 and 4) Supported by Maida Withers Dance Construction Company,
George Washington University Department of Theatre and Dance and Department of Music; Goethe Institut, Stichting Fonds Voor de Podiumkunsten Nederlands.

Vincent Cacalano, GW MFA alumni, was a founding member of Magpie, a leading improvisation group allied with Katie Duck in Amsterdam.  For several years, Magpie was a participant in the DC International Improvisation Plus+ Festivals and was a major European contact for the DC Festivals.

1999 – Millennial Surge – Raw Art on the Move (December 3 & 4).

Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre, December 3 and 4, 1999 “Millennial Surge”
Artists:  Sasha Kukin, Sasha Kukin Dance Company (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Katie Duck, Magpie Dance Company (The Netherlands)
Martin Sonderkamp (Germany)
JeYoung Kim, Taejon Contemporary Dance Company (Taejon, Korea)
Niehoff “Velocity Dance” (Seattle, WA)
Cyrus Khambatta, Phffft Dance theatre Company (NYC)
Reggie Crump “Monstah” (NYC)
Maida Withers Dance Construction Company (DC)
Joseph MIlls and Holly Bass (DC)
Musicians:  Jim Levy, Peter Fraize
Lighting:  Jason W. Mann

Workshops all day with participating artists:
Workshops / Jam
Improvising on Moving Issues
Improvisation as Performance
Improvisation – Jam with artists
Merging Dance and Theatre
Improvisation as Performance