Will Goins Moreau

Musician/ Dancer: TUK (Tukuhnikivatiz); Utah, Spirit Place, Spirit Planet, Tukuhnikivatz (1996)

Will Moreau Goins – Cherokee: folklorist, cultural presenter, storyteller, chanter-singer, dancer, craft artist, and educator that was  honored with the 2008 SC Folk Heritage Award. He is a contributing author and EDITOR for the anthology, The People Speak: A Collection of Writings by South Carolina Native Americans in Poetry, Prose, Essays & Interviews. He served as Editor for The South Carolina Indian Today: A Teachers Guide (1998). He authored Jazz Talkin 1996, a textbook for students and teachers of Jazz. He was a contributing author and Editor for the recently published, South Carolina Native American Cooking (2005).  He compiled, served as  Author and Editor for the publication SC Native Pathways: A Visitor’s & Resource Guide to American Indian Heritage & Historic Sites in South Carolina in 2008. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Communications at the George Washington University (GWU) and at the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) where he earned his Ph.D.