Stone Circle (live performance in Tokyo, Japan)
Recording: Ancient Land and Ancient People
Recording: Damned River

Marilia, singer/writer made her debut in Los Angeles in 1982 and has been performing extensively in Japan, the United States and other countries.  In 1988 she released her first album, River Goddess Song in collaboration with Shuichi Chino (Japan).  The Moon close to My Face is a Fish was done in collaboration with Kit Lee, Malaysia.  Marilia has created an original musical style, inspired by lyrics based on poems by Japanese poet Gozo Yoshimasu, translated in different languages.  Besides her solo concerts, she collaborates with dancers and artists.  In December 1994 in Tokyo, Marilia performed an evenings concert, Higan Kara (From The Edge of Nirvana), with Japanese photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki, and butoh dancer, Kazuo Ohno, an event released on video in 1995.