Spirit Path / Migration / Remains

Original Performance on January 12, 1991

1991 – Spirit Path / Migration / Remains – “The Spirit of Place” – the Anasazi (See Earth Spirit Rising for early performance) “The distilled and starkly primal movement style expresses the mystery and power – “the spirit of place” – of wilderness land sites of the Four Corners Area of the Southwest.” (Flyer Quote) Shared concert with Still Rush and Crossing the Edge at ance Place, January 12,/13, 1991.

Quartet performed at Dance Place with Earth slides of Bruce Hucko and Kaleidoscopic Photos of Mark Thompson by Adam Peiperl.

Origin of the idea:  1989 Path (Yellow Springs Institute, Philadelphia, PA) and 1991 Path/Migration /Remains (Arlington, VA) support the choreographic development.