Sky Cloud

Original Performance on February 7, 1992

1992 РDance work created by Maida Withers, a collaboration with Hilda Thorpe, paper maker, sculptor, recognized Washington, DC female artist from the 1950s.  Thorpe created an incredible large fabric installation (white gauze with hand-made paper painted on by Hilda Thorpe) that filled the stage and also stretched out over the audience in the auditorium.  Dancers moved with brilliant colored panels of taffeta, silk, and other brilliant colors of massive sheets of fabric.

Sky cloud is a “metaphoric dance, the wind, the voice of the Earth,¬† based on a land site residency by Withers on the exotic White Sand Dunes of New Mexico.”

Sky Cloud was part of the evening-length performance, Dance for the Earth.

What the press is saying

"Dancers manipulate large pieces of materials so that the cloth sinks and gradually recovers- the stage version of the sand under Wither's weight. She explains that the camera is a project participant, the first collaborator on each of her efforts, thus the video is the art form most closely connected to the actual landsite." Kim Friedman