3D Dance / Future View (Film 4:04)

Original Performance on December 6, 2002

2002 – Maida Withers collaborates with Dan Sternklar, 3D filmmaker, to create 3D Dance / Future View, a 3D film of an improvised site performance  (Film Short 4:04).  Maida Withers, Nicholette Routhier, and Tommy Parlon dance on a stage set of pipes and platforms at Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre, Washington, DC.  Dan Sternklar, 3D camera specialist, shot the performance with his homemade 3-D camera.  Recommend wearing 3-D glasses for best viewing. The  public presentation of 3D Dance as a performance with projected 3D video was part of the DC 8th International Improvisation Plus+ Festival  December 6 & 7, 2002. Music live by Peter Fraize, Saxaphone.


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