Germany – Maida Withers Study (Berlin and Essen)

Variations - MRW upper body face profile sm1962 –  Berlin, Germany (Summer 1962; exact dates est)
Mary Wigman School, West Berlin, Germany.
▪   Study:  Daily for 3 weeks with Mary  Wigman at the state sponsored home/studio in West Berlin.  The Berlin Wall (first a temporary barbed wire fence and then a concrete barrier 11 to 13 feet high) was erected by the German Democratic Republic starting August 13,1961 that cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and East Berlin. Maida visited East Berlin via the underground subway system. The wall began to be removed November 7, 1989.  Maida’s study was sponsored by a Purdue University Faculty Study/Travel Grant.

Werden Abbey, Essen, Germany (Summer 1962; exact date est)
Folkwangschule (Founded by Opera director Rudolf Schulz-Dornburg and choreographer Kurt Jooss).
▪   Study: Maida studied modern dance at this famous school attending international workshops.  Sponsored by a Purdue University Faculty Study/Travel Grant.