Lifetime Achievement Award (Las Vegas, Nevada)

2010 – MWDCCo participated in two Dance in the Desert Festivals.  Maida Withers received a Life Time Achievement Award from Dance in the Desert Festival Las Vegas 2010. ”

CSN Dance “Daffy” Award Presented by the CSN Dance Program to Maida Withers, this 31st day of July 2010 in recognition of a lifetime spent in the service of dance as an art form.

The award was given by Kelly Roth as part of the 12th Annual Dance in the Desert Festival.  Maida was performing FareWell – To the End of the World As We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to Paradise at the Festival  Maida met Kelly  through their mutual association with Alwin Nikolais.  Maida taught at the Nikolais studio in NYC for a short period.

Kelly Roth is Chair of the dance program at the Community College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas and is a choreographer for his own company and choreographers for other companies as well.