American-Scandinavian Foundation (Finland, Norway)

Finland and Norway (May/June 1999)

American-Scandinavian Research Grant support research for the Aurora 2001 project.  Withers , traveling along, began her research in Roveniemi, Finland, drove to the top of the world in Norway, down the Fjords to Tromso, Norway, across Sweden and back to Roveniemi,Finland.  She met with Russian, Finnish, and Norwegian auroral scientists, mythology specialists, and Norwegian musician, Winn,(May 20 to June 14).

The film, Dance to Data, documents this astonishing journey to see and to further understand the history of research and mythology related to the Auroras – Northern Lights.

“It was my great pleasure to meet the best and the brightest scientists researching auroras in Russia and Scandinavia.”  (Maida Withers)


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