Asia 5-City Tour (Japan, Korea, Malaysia)

1995 – Maida Withers Dance Construction Company tours in Japan, Korea, Malaysia:
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan (May 1995)
Con Carino Theatre (Japan Contemporary Dance Network)
▪   Perform:  Yuki Yuki with vocalist Marilia (May 20)

Tokyo, Japan (June 1995)
Beam Theater
▪   Stone Circle evening-length performance collaboration with MWDCCo, Marilia, Steven Lockwood,  Francois Perez, Tokyo, Japan (June 3)
World Dance Alliance Conference / Tokyo Chapter
▪   Workshop:  creating dance (June 4)

Tsukuba Science City, Japan (45 minutes north of Tokyo) (June 1995)
University of Tsukuba
▪   Workshops:  Dance technique, improvisation, choreography (June 5)

Yokohama, Japan (May and June 1995)
S.T. Spot Cabaret
▪   Improvisation performance with epoch poet, Gozo Yoshimasu, Marilia, vocals, Stephen Lockwood, piano  (May 30)
Kazuo Ohno Studio (Co-founder of Butoh)
▪   Create Documentary Video:  Kazuo Ohno teaching his weekly class in his home studio – see Archives (June 6)

Kyoto, Japan (June 1995)
Mariko Dance Theater
▪   Dance workshops, commercial studio of Mariko Dance Theatre, Kyoto, Japan (June 10)

Ansong, Korea (1995)
Jooksan Dance Festival – Laughing Stone Dance Company, Hong Sin Cha, Artistic Director and Founder
▪  Perform: Ancient Lands…Ancient Peoples performed by Maida Withers on red Earth stage created by Hong Sin Cha dancers (June 18)
▪   Workshop: improvisation (June 17)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (June 1995)
National Institute for the Arts, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
▪   Workshops for international program (June 26 – 29)
Kuala Lumpur Ballet Theatre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
▪   Create:  Dance work for Kuala Lumpur Ballet Theatre  (June 21 – 29)

Taejon, Korea (July 1995)
ChungAng University Residency
▪   Workshops: technique, improvisation, choreography (July 10 – 13)
City Hall Auditorium, Taejon, Korea
   Perform: Taejon Dance Festival;   Nevertheless…Tenderness; Quartet Improvisation (Korea, China, USA) (July 15)

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