Asia Tour (Korea, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia)

1994 –
Seoul, Korea
(April 26; Festival May 2-5, 1994)
13th International Korean Dance Festival, Munye Theatre; Seoul, Korea
▪ Perform: Ancient Lands/Ancient Peoples (May 2); Stirrings (May 3);In Winds of Sand (May 4)

Hong Kong (May 6 – 12, 1994)
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
▪   Perform: In Winds of Sand (May 11)
▪   Workshops in dance technique and improvisation

Guangzhou, China (May 15 – May 22, 1994) Sponsored by U.S. Embassy
Guangdong Dance Company, Founded by Mee Qi Yang in affiliation with Guangdong Dance Academy, ▪   Perform: Ancient Lands/Ancient Peoples (May ???)
▪   Company Workshops: one-week of dance technique and improvisation

 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (May 22 -29, 1994)
Kuala Lumpur Dance Theatre, Director and Founder Lee Lee Lan; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
▪   Create Dance:  One More Time (Kuala Lumpur Dance Theatre – 10 women and 1 man)
▪   Perform:  Maida, guest artist (May 27)
▪   Workshops: dance technique and improvisation