Conference on Dance (Volgograd, Russia)

Volgograd, Russia
(June 1997)
Conference on Dance, Volgograd Centre for Dance, Volgograd, Russia; Travel sponsored by U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia.  Maida’s first presence in Russia.
Maida Withers delivered a paper and showed video of Utah * Spirit Place * Spirit Planet *  Tukuhnikivatz. This was one of the first post Soviet Era international Russian conferences on contemporary dance (June 4-8).  Volgograd was the city famous for defending Russia from the German invasion during the 2nd World War.

Volgograd is where the large “motherland” figure stands atop of the hill in the center of Volgograd.  Images shot by Withers in 1997 were used in the performance Thresholds Crossed in 2006.  Ascending the stairs to the figure (exactly the same height as the US Statue of Liberty) are large sculptures depicting the tragedy of war in that great and noble city.

It is not possible to ever forget Volgograd….a beautiful and tragic but strong city situated on the Volga River.


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