Nikolai Shchetnev (Russia and Norway)

Dancer and collaborator:
Thresholds Crossed
LENIN “Memorium”
Shocked and Odd – Live Art, Krasnoyarsk
Several projects for TOUCH 2 and TOUCH 3 in Arkhangels
DC International Improvisation Plus Festivals

Nikolai Shchetnev (dancer) holds a degree in choreography from the Arkhangelsk College of Culture and Art. Nikolai has been instrumental in the area of arts management in Russia with the creation of TOUCH, an annual International Festival of Contemporary Dance featuring companies from Russia, Europe and the USA. Nikolai is especially known for his work as a solo artist. Aside from his own acclaimed solo and video art work, he has participated in more than a dozen workshops and projects in different countries and has received support and recognition through more than twenty councils and festivals around the world. Nikolai has danced for several prestigious companies and choreographers throughout Europe and in 1998 founded his own “Other Dance Theatre,” and in 2002, the Center of Contemporary Dance, both of Arkhangelsk. He has been an active participant and leader in numerous dance-related international conferences and is known as a master teacher in contact improvisation.

Niokolai is currently living with his wife and four children in Kirkines, Norway where he directs and performs.