Alissandru (Alex) Caldiero

IMG_maida, setenay, sara adn me, 7 sept 19, photoAlex CaldieroPoet/ Sonosopher/ Composer/ Musician
Sands Cycles (Film); In Winds of Sand; FareWell – Hello-O; Sphota Probe; others

Alex is a sonal wise guy; grandkid of dadasopher Raul Haussmann, godchild of Gertrude Stein and John Cage, bastard offspring of Sicilian bard Ignaziu Buttitta, pseudo nephew of Allen Ginsberg, and a son of a gun. He makes things that at times appear as language or music or images, and then again as the shape of your own mind. Look! Nothing up his skin! Watch ‘im pull a pome right outta yr heart. Caldiero is a maker (makar) of text-sound and visual works, installations, and publications, including Sound Weave with Theta Naught (Differential Records), Body/Dreams/Organs (Elik Press), and Poetry Is Wanted Here! (Dream Garden Press). He is co-founder of Arba Sicula, society for the preservation of Sicilian language and culture, and featured in Dictionary of the Avant-gardes (Macmillan, London). Caldiero is senior artist in residence at Utah Valley University.

Works: Collision Course a.k.a. Pillow Talk (2012); FareWell and Hell-O (2008-2012); In Winds of Sand (1993-1997); Sand Cycles (1991); DC International Improvisation Event (2004)