Woman See, Maida Withers Interview, PBS WETA-TV

Original Performance on January 1, 1981

1981 – an interview in Washington, DC on PBS, WETA-TV, regarding the making or Woman See – a feminist multimedia work in eight parts created by Maida Withers. This work followed five years involvement by Maida and other Mormon women founders who formed the organization, Mormon’s for ERA to assist nationally in the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. The presentation includes two short duets performed in the small TV studio: Journey in Innocence by Frances Babb and Kim Curtis and Pitfalls and Pedestals by Heather Tuck and Dale Crittenberger. Maida talks about the meaning of the two sections performed, and general information about her work and views as a creative and performing artist with Maida Withers Dance Construction Company. The program was taped in 1981 with Withers reading the instructions for the care of the U.S. Constitution.


Artists and Collaborators
Choreographer / Interviewee
Other Performances
  • Dance Place(map) on February 22, 1981
  • Corcoran GAllery of Art(map) on April 30, 1981
  • Temple University(map) on February 27, 1980
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