Under the Radar: Modern Dance in Russia with Maida Withers

Original Performance on September 7, 2003

2003  Documentary Film –  Interviews about post-modern dance in Russia  in 2003. Documentary shot  in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Maida Withers was a guest artist for Summer Dance Workshop, OPEN LOOK.  Linda Lewett, filmmaker, shot the video and Maida Withers asked questions of students in the workshop from all over Russia; administrators in dance, choreographers and others associates of the field.  There was a huge burst of interest in post-modern dance in Russia following the collapse of Soviet Era 1991.  Maida was a guest artist at OPEN LOOK several summers and also Touch 2 and Touch 3 with Nikolair Schetnev in Arkhelanglsk. Under the Radar: Modern Dance in Russia. Linda and Maida interview dancers from all over Russia attending Kannon Dance festival. Touring St. Petersburg, Solovki and Arkhangelsk  and footage from Solovky Island + interviews (Daria Buzovkina, Vadim & Natalie Kasparov, Lyubov Kuzovnikova, Nikolai Schetnev, Maida Withers, and many others. NYC Swan lake interview with Sasha Pepelaev; produced by Maida Withers Dance Construction Company (perform part III of Dance of Auroras in St.Petersburg).


Linda Lewett, filmmaker, web page:  Selects from documentary 26:30 taped with Maida Withers Dance Construction Company (DCC) on tours in Russia in 2004 and 2005. Tour was funded by the Trust for Mutual Understanding, GWU and DCC. Open Look Festival in St. Petersburg curated by Vadim Kasparov and Kannon Dance; Arkhangelsk Festival with Nikolai Schetnev; Solovki Festival curated by Lyubov Kuzovnikova; Daria Buzovkina performing at Danspace at St. Mark’s; and Sasha Pepelaev, choreographer/director of The Swan Lake with Von Krahl Theatre of Tallinn at Dance Theater Workshop in New York City.

Artists and Collaborators
Producer and Director
Founding Festival Director - Open Look