Still Rush (Original Cast – NYC, NY)

Original Performance on January 12, 1991

Video above is a rehearsal of the NYC cast shot in NYC, NY.
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Premiere performance was January 12 and 13, 1991 at Dance Place, Washington, DC, as part of an evening titled Spirit Path / Migration / Remains (we are checking archives).

1991 – Dancers for Still Rush were auditioned and selected by Maida Withers with Mino Nicholas for the work to be performed in New York City, NY at the French Embassy theatre.  Several producers in NYC forced the cancellation of Mino Nicholas concert due to previous bad behavior (debt, etc).This video is the final rehearsal in NYC before performance in Washington, DC that was sponsored by MWDCC and Dance Place.

“An intricately layered and driving work for seven dancers to a dramatic intense score by the percussion ensemble, Shaman.”  (Flyer) Choreography by Maida Withers for 7 dancers in NYC.  Original commission by Mino Nicholas.  Since the contract was not completed, Maida Withers Dance Construction Company completed the work and premiered it at Dance Place in Washington, DC instead of Maison de Francois in New York City.

Still Rush is part of Withers environment period/era.  The original work was titled Passage, but was changed for performance.  The concept is about Maida’s pioneer ancestors who were drive from Missouri and Illinois (what was called “the plains”) because of their religious beliefs and high number of people and traveled by handcart, wagon, and on foot to what became known as the Salt Lake Valley – at that time not part of the US Territory.  This is one of the great “migrations of man” for religious freedom.  The ancestors were converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) in Scandinavia and England who came to the United States looking to fined a safe haven for religious freedom. Ultimately they were forced to leave the US and settle what became known as the State of Utah.

Dance Place performance – January 12 and 13, 1991.

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