Dance of the Auroras – Part III – Magnetic Storm Seen From Above

Original Performance on March 24, 2000

2000  St. Petersburg, Russia (April 2000)  Residency with Kannon Dance School and Company, St. Petersburg, Russia
•   Maida Withers created Part III Magnetic Storm of Dance of the Auroras – Fire in the Sky with Iwona Olszowska, dancer from Poland, and Sasha Kukin, dancer from Russia, and Vincent Cacalano, USA/Netherlands,  during a residency sponsored by Kannon Dance Company. (April 3-24, 2000). Vincent drank dirty water and became ill. The work was performed consequently as a duet not a trio. Kannon Dance inaugurated the Dukabrezkov Theatre at this performance.  We actively scrubbed the stage and assisted in transformation to a small beautiful theatre that was eventually taken over by Mariinsky Ballet Company, St. Petersburg ,when they took the building to expand.
▪   Premiere Part III Dance of Auroras, Dukabrezkov Theatre

Artists and Collaborators
Dancer (Ill, did not perform)