Hong Sin Cha

(1995) Sin Cha Hong (This is a Korean name; the family name is Hong
Sin Cha Hong (홍신자; b. 1943) is a noted modern dancer, choreographer, vocalist, and writer from South Korea. She is acknowledged as South Korea’s first avant-garde dancer, and has been credited as that nation’s premier performance artist.[1]

She lived and worked in the United States from the late 1960s until 1990, founding the Laughing Stone Dance Company (웃는돌 무용단) in New York City in 1981.[2] She returned to live in South Korea in 1990. She has collaborated with the gayageum player Hwang Byungki. She also studied meditation for 30 years, and is known as a meditation master.

Maida was invited to participate in the Jooksan Festival in Ansong, Korea by Hong Sin Cha in 1995.  Hong Sin Cha is a strong and outspoken feminist along with many other scholars in Korea. Maida performed Ancient Lands – Ancient Peoples on the red earth stage at the Jooksan Festival (See Asia Tour 1995).

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