2010 -Washington Project for the Arts celebrated a ReVoltaire event many years ago.  WPA recreated Re-Revoltaire in an empty lot on the H Street corridor in Washington, DC.  MWDCCo did their first improvisation with pillows tied to the dancers bodies and pillows thrown and carried.  It was a great success as the dancers moved on the tables of the guests, along the walls, onto the fences in a rapidly changing neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Dates: May 10, 17, 24 & 31, 2010, 6:30-9:30pm
Location: Gallery O/H in the Atlas District, Washington, DC

Curated by: Alberto Gaitán

Participating Artists: B. Stanley, Kid Congo Powers, Quique Aviles (spoken word), Michael Horsley (music/multimedia performance), Lee August Praley (theater), Silvana Straw (spoken word), Maida Withers with: Anthony Gongora, Steve Hilmy, Tzveta Kassabova & Giselle Ruzany (dance), Regie Cabico, Kid Congo Powers’ Playlist & Jeff Surak, Warewolf Torso, Zomes, Bullfight Academy, Eva Brontasaurus, Violet, Sal Fiorito (Emcee), Carolina Mayorga- Performance Art & video, Holly Bass- Performance Art, Reuben Jackson- Poetry, OuiOui Nonnon (Melissa Krodman)- Burlesque, Sal Fiorito featuring Adrian Parsons (Emcee), Bradley Chriss- Performance Art, Lady Pcoq and the Plumes (music), featuring: Lisa Pegram (lead vocals), Darrell “DP” Perry (guitar), Jali D (percussion) & Johanna Park (background vocals), Carolina Mayorga (video), Workingman Collective, featuring: Tom Ashcraft, Janis Goodman, Peter Winant , with Floating Lab Collective, featuring: Daniel Dean, Sean Watkins, Blake Turner, Tommy Nutt, Lindsay Hawks, & Edgar Endress, and, introducing: Mrs. Love!, Dan Van Hoozer & Akiva Fox- Theater, Bob Boilen, Happenstance theater: Mark Jaster & Sabrina Mandell- CROCODARIUM, Prosser Stirling – CANTOS, Kristin Garrison & James Hesla – theatrical performance, Reuben Jackson- poetry, Matthew Pauli – performance, Prosser Stirling – THE CRACK, THE CREVASSE AND THE WALL, James Hesla – solo piece, Prosser Stirling – INVISIBLE MAN SPEAKS AGAIN, Karin Abromaitis, Kristina Bilonick, Tzeveta Kassabova- MEMORIA BRASSICA (excerpt). Videos by: Anarchy in the Kitchen, Vin Grabill, Ayo Okunseinde, Champneys Taylor, and original footage of Cabaret Re-Voltaire from 1992

Cabaret [re]ReVoltaire is a play on the series Cabaret ReVoltaire that was presented by WPA in 1992 and paid homage to Cabaret Voltaire, home of the Dada movement. Local artist and original cast member of Cabaret ReVoltaire (’92), Alberto Gaitán, put together an amazing lineup of performances, videos, music, poetry and surprises, performed in an authentic cabaret setting with dinner- style seating, food and drinks. Food from nearby restaurants such as Biergarten Haus and Dangerously Delicious Pies were available for purchase.

Gaitán brought back some of the performers from the original 1992 series as well as new, emerging and established performers from different parts of the DC performance strata. Gaitán said of his selections, “I have tried to include as much work as possible that addresses the absurd and but questions whether absurdity is even a meaningful organizing principle for artists in a time of biological and cybernetic chimeras, customer-as-product, and remote-control drone bombers.”

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