Korea – K.A.C. Int’l Exchange (Taejon)

1999 – Jey Young Kim, Korea, Mandy Yim, China, Sarah Slifer and Maida Withers, USA  and Korean classical instrumentalists improvised in concert performance November 15, 1999,  for the K. A. C. International Exchange Modern Dance Festival in Taejon, Korea.

The Festival celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the City of Taejon.  Mayor Anthony A. Williams, Washington, DC, wrote a letter of congratulation that was published in the program along with a letter from Hong Sun Kee, Mayor of Taejon Metropolitan City.  President Chung And University, Lee Jong Hoon, and Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, President George Washington University, offered congratulatory letters/remarks.

The festival featured:
Jey Young Kim – Taejon City Contemporary Dance Company
Maida Withers Dance Construction Company, USA
Mandy Yim – Y-SPACE Dance Company, China
Kwang Ja Cho Traditional Dance Company, Korea
Chee Bin Moon Ballet Company, Korea

Partners honoring the 50th Anniversary celebrating the founding of Taejon City, Korea
Anthony A. Williams, Mayor of Washington, DC
Cho Yong Kook, Taejon City Federation of Artistic and Cultural Organizations of Korea
Hong Sun Kee, Mayor of Taejon City, Korea
Lee Jong Hoon, President Chung Ang University
Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, President George Washington University

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