DC 1st Int’l Improvisation Plus+ Festival

1995 – The title of the DC International Improvisation Plus+ Festival did not come into existence until the 3rd or 4th year of the festival.  The idea began in 1995 as a simple evening event in building J Down when a friend, David Raphael Israel, came from out of the country and we created a public scripted / improvised event with David improvising on piano.  Maida performed with other dancers – their names are not available. In 1996 we repeated a simple evening of dance, music and text improvisation.  From there the idea of an annual festival emerged.  It was a natural development for Maida Withers because of the many embassies located in Washington, DC.  Funding for international artists was accessible through the embassies.  Local funds for such revolutionary-type ideas was non-existant.

In our opinion, the DC Int’l Improvisation Plus Festivals set the stage and developed the audience and press for the eventual DC Capitol Fringe Festival.

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