Russia – Open Look and Touch Festivals (St. Petersburg & Arkhangelsk)

St. Petersburg, Russia
(July 2003)
5th OPEN LOOK International Dance Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia (July 1-10, 2003)
•   Perform Dance of the Auroras – Fire in the Sky. Performance included collaborators, Tania Fraga, cyber world artists from Brazil; original music by Oystein Sevag and the Global House Band, Norway; Dance Construction Company dancers; Sasha Kukin, Russia, Iwona Olszowska, Poland; Part II section performed by Kannon Dance Company of St. Petersburg;
•   Maida Withers was in residence for two weeks in St. Petersburg in March 2003 to reconstruct Part II of Dance of the Auroras on the Kannon Dance Company;
•   Company taught four workshops daily.

Arkhangelsk, Russia (July 2003)
TOUCH 2 International Dance Festival in Arkhangelsk, Russia (July 11-15)
•   Perform Dance of the Auroras – Fire in the Sky (see description above)
•  Company taught two workshops daily.

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