Year of Korea Celebration

1994- Celebration of the YEAR OF KOREA – Founding of Taejon City, Korea.
Evening performance in Washington, DC by Maida Withers, Je Young Kim (Korea), Vincent Cacalano, and Martin Sonderkamp (The Netherlands, Germany) that was part of an evening of dance titles the Dance of Maida Withers and Je Young Kim in celebration of “THE YEAR OF KOREA.”  DC Mayor sent an official honor to Korea that was read at the event.

A similar concert took place in Taejon, Korea with the Mayor of Taejon.  In Korea, Maida Withers and Sarah Slifer performed Nevertheless…Tenderness (see archves) and an Improvisation in Concert with Je Young Kim and a dancer from China.

Maida Withers performed In Winds of Sand.

(See flyer and published booklet with photos, resume, etc).

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