Zotora Nygard


Works: Aurora/2001: Dance of the Auroras- Fire in the Sky (The Sun/Vrtual Sun, Solar Wind towards Magnetosphere; Magnetic Storm Seen from Above; View from the Earth) (2001-2003)

Zotora Nygård (didgeridoo), from Norway, has played the didgeridoo since 1987. He has traveled the world as a street musician as well as performing in official arrangements such as the 50th anniversary of UN, opening of the worlds largest offshore gas-platform and so on.  He plays with classical, contemporary, jazz and folk musicians, and works with artists and dancers, and is highly respected for his work. Recently he supported Buffy Saint-Marie at her concert in Norway.  He has released two CDs: “Ninji-Ninji” in 1994 and “Emigrate” in 1998 and has played on several other releases.